We are hiring for a Gardener + Volunteer Coordinator Position

The Pollinator Pathway seeks a friendly and responsible person for its Gardener +
Volunteer Coordinator position.

The position will be split between two primary tasks: organizing and overseeing our volunteer program (through outreach, coordination
and planned weeding dates) and independently caring for the project (overseeing the gardens, preparing soils and planting areas, weeding beds between planting and maintenance events, communicating with homeowners about their individual gardens, and monitoring the health of the gardens overall) for the duration of the position.

This is a one day per week position from April – November 2014.
$15 per hour.

We seek someone interested in creative urban space reuse with extensive experience and comfort working with volunteers and the public. The ideal candidate will possess advanced gardening skills and a working knowledge of native plants and pollinators. Must have own vehicle.

The Gardener/Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for:
-Organizing and leading a weekly planting and maintenance work party.
-Coordinating volunteer efforts and assisting volunteers in planting and maintaining the gardens.
-Acting as technical advisor and spokesperson for educational event days, leading demonstrations of planting techniques and answering questions.
-Independently overseeing the health of the planted gardens for the duration of contract.
-Weeding planted beds, both with and without the assistance of volunteers or homeowners.
-Communicating recommendations to homeowners in order to ensure overall health of planted areas.
-Responding to community member’s garden and pollinator inquiries.

Please send a resume and a short cover letter outlining your experience and interest by April 4 to: info@pollinatorpathway.com