The Pollinator Pathway project is lying low right now while the winter passes, but things are happening behind the scenes, slowly and surely. I have been dropping by monthly since October to check on the mulch beds; they’re all looking amazing, except one looks like it could use a little touchup (one out of eight gardens; not bad for a very wet winter) so next weekend I’ll be down there to do that. While I’m there I’ll be doing the project’s annual plant count on Garden 1, to see how all the plants are doing. Last year some plant counts went down, and some went up, and it is interesting to learn what plants succeed in this kind of relatively inhospitable environment.

Some recent news: Next week I’ll be participating in the planning for the Seattle Art Museum’s Design Your ‘Hood program, a great (and free) program for high schoolers that looks at urban topics through a design thinking lens. Thrilled to be taking part, as this program is really great.

We are getting started with party planning- we’ll be having a fundraiser/party/feast sometime in June, hopefully timed perfectly with Pollinator Week! You can always join us, just send a note.

We’re also fine-tuning the garden designs, and planning a bit for the next big planting party in early spring- stay tuned! (And feel free to send a note if you’d like to be put on the planting party list, too!)