Thanks for the Stranger mention!

This is belated, but the Stranger made a nice mention of my talk last month- thanks, Jen Graves!

Somehow almost a whole month has passed since then. In that time, I scheduled a work party for March 17, and excitedly ordered the plants and bought snacks, and then on the day of, packed up the shovels and got in my car, when it started to.. snow! A bit too early, it turns out, for planting, and to call on our gardening friends. By the time I got to the site, it was seriously snowing, and it was clear no one (in their right minds, at least!) would show up.

I planned to just turn around and go home, but the homeowners and I were standing around talking, and, you know.. we decided just to get started anyway. We worked in the snow, and later in the day, the amazing volunteer, Abigail, braved the weather and showed up too!

We got lots done, and Garden 13 is going to be so beautiful. And, now that the weather is downright springlike, I will be planning a proper work party soon- aiming for the very first week of May. Dates soon!