Thank you!

Thank you, so much, to all of you who gave to the Pollinator Pathway this year. I’m incredibly grateful for your investment in this project. Your support of our Landscape and Community Fellow helps make sure that the Pollinator Pathway remains a beautiful design project throughout the summer months. We could not do this without your help—it makes all the difference for the project.
Enormous thanks to the donors of the Pollinator Pathway 2017 GiveBig campaign:
Josh Ayala
Peter Baillargeon
Jan Bultmann
Ian Butcher
Ashley Chapman
Alice Cunningham
Donald Bergmann
Douglas Einck
Edmund Freeman
Laura Friend
Karen Ganz
Dylan Glosecki
Heather Grube
Veronica Heath
Dianne Kelso
Jake LaBarre
Cathi Lamoreux
Daniel Loewenstein
Sharon Mann
Gerald Miller
Kristina Moravec
Paul and Barbara Morse, in memory of Michael Pedalino
William A. Nicholls
Joan Poor
Kathryn Rathke
Sally Sheck
Jude Siddall and Gary Romain
Michael Smith
Kari Somerton
Elaine Thompson and Joy Haertig
Sarah Bergmann