Rain time

The project is resting for winter and will resume in early spring.

I’m out of town for the winter, working on (related, but under wraps) creative projects. While I’m gone, the wonderful Julia is doing a little planting at several locations, mostly Martin Luther King and Columbia; if you’d like to lend her a hand just drop me a note. Otherwise, please check back in in spring-I have our order in with the grower and we’ll be digging new gardens on the project then!

The Pollinator Pathway is now going on five years, and it has grown so much. 19 gardens have been planted on the mile long corridor, and we are now also building a base knowledge of what native pollinators are here through the monitoring work of entomologist Erin Sullivan. This year the Pollinator Pathway was the subject of a class at the UW, and is represented at both the Seattle Art Museum *and* at the Olympic Sculpture Park. I couldn’t be prouder. Big thanks to the many people who have built and helped maintain the gardens over these years, and of course, all the homeowners on Columbia Street, where the Pollinator Pathway is located. Talk with you in early spring.