'Portal to the Pollinator Pathway' at the Olympic Sculpture Park


I’m very excited to share that the Pollinator Pathway will be featured at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park starting this week. The project, ‘Portal to the Pollinator Pathway’ is a glimpse into the much larger project, the Pollinator Pathway, that I’ve now been working on for four years. Couldn’t be prouder. http://www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/exhibitDetail.asp?eventID=24398

This project would be bare dirt but for the amazing people who have collaborated to make it happen. The past two weeks have been no exception– huge props to Studio Matthews (Kristine Matthews, Cassie Klingler, Kaylene Faucette, Kinsey Gross, Adam McNae, Eunice Lee), Isabelle and Nick Robertson of Piano Nobile, and Jake Labarre and Nicole Abercrombie, for making everything gorgeous and possible.