Photos from the installation at the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

Just wanted to share these wonderful installation photos of the Portal to the Pollinator Pathway- shot this summer at the Olympic Sculpture Park by the talented Robert Wade:

The Seattle Art Museum commissioned this piece and it is meant to share (and act as a ‘portal’ to) the larger project of the Pollinator Pathway. The installation explains the project, touching on the history of the honeybee (the creature most people think of when they think of pollinators, and a primary commercial crop pollinator), native pollinators and plants (that make up 90% of the planet’s plant life, and form the complex relationships that provide the potential for human dominated land systems) and on the landscape re-patterning that, along with human endeavor, is the focus of the project.

This installation will be up at the Sculpture Park until mid January- do come by and take a look.

Extra thanks to Jake, Nicole, Don, Nick and Isabelle for their help with the installation.