From Atlas Obscura: One Woman’s Campaign Against America’s Bee Fixation

This is must-read story about the Pollinator Pathway from Atlas Obscura.
This piece does excellent work in taking down the save-the-honeybee story a notch or two, and helping explain how it came into being. I want to make one thing very clear, though: the Pollinator Pathway is not a farm project. It is an ecology and design project. Think of it like a counter-landscape to domesticated systems.
More broadly, though (and, as the article touches on, I’ve had little opportunity to talk about this with a honeybee-obsessed press) the Pollinator Pathway is a project about long time, the Anthropocene, systems, design, social organization, and the future of nature. I started this project in 2007 in order to bring about the idea that we are now a major ecosystem—and that we need to design a different sort of relationship between ourselves and the planet.

-Sarah Bergmann