The Pollinator Pathway has won multiple awards, honors and grants from The City of Seattle, The Awesome Foundation, The Betty Bowen Award, The Stranger ‘Genius’ award and the Northwest Horticultural Society. Recent recognition includes:



The Pollinator Pathway: 25 Best Road Trips for Nerds, 2013
The Pollinator Pathway featured in Popular Science’s ’25 Best Road Trips for Nerds’.

Stranger Genius Award, 2012
Bergmann was awarded the Stranger Genius Award in 2012 for the Pollinator Pathway.

Seattle Art Museum’s Betty Bowen Award, 2012
Bergmann received the Betty Bowen Award in 2012 for the Pollinator Pathway. The Betty Bowen Award, administered by the Seattle Art Museum, is an annual award in honor of the late Betty Bowen, a central supporter of the arts.

Portal to the Pollinator Pathway (shown left), Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, 2012
Bergmann was commissioned to create this installation at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park. Working with design collaborators Studio Matthews and architect/builder team Jake Labarre and Nicole Abercrombie, the exhibition was installed at the Park from June 2012 to January 2013. The Portal to the Pollinator Pathway was a ‘section’ of the project and an explanation of the thinking behind it. The ‘Portal’ was then planted into the Pathway in spring of 2013.

Pollinator Pathway Exhibition, Seattle Art Museum, 2012-2013
In conjunction with the Betty Bowen Award: an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum.