Join us for a Camas Planting and work party!

We’re having a big Camas Planting in less than two weeks, and installing two new gardens- come join us! It will be really fun. Camas is an amazing bulb that makes a beautiful purple flower in spring. We’re planting about 400 bulbs- its going to be amazing! Come on out- we will be roving a bit, but always on Columbia, and starting at 15th and Columbia.

Dates: Sept 29 and 30, 11-4.

Day 1: start at 15th and Columbia. Day 2, start at MLK and Columbia.

Will post updates before heading out each work party morning, to let people know where we’ll be. Hope to see you there!

Update on gardening: I’ll be at 15th and Columbia before heading to 27th today.

This weekend I’m at the project with 70 (count ’em!) students from the University of Washington as part of a course that is made for the Pollinator Pathway (it combines pollinator conservation, public creative work, and restoration ecology). They’ll be learning about the Pollinator Pathway, counting bugs as part of the ongoing monitoring project, and doing some ‘roving weeding’. Couldn’t be more excited to learn about their perspectives and share the project with them.

Seattle Art Museum video is out, and the Summer Schedule

This summer you can see an installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park called the ‘Portal to the Pollinator Pathway’. The Portal is a demonstration garden and planter that shares and explains my thinking behind the actual mile-long Pollinator Pathway. Come take a look

The Portal will be planted into the Pollinator Pathway this fall as part of the Fall Planting, and anyone is welcome to come help plant it into the project.

Every Saturday this summer, join me at the Pollinator Pathway at 27th and Columbia from 12:15-3 to garden on the corridor. I will also be at the Olympic Sculpture Park from 11-12 to answer questions and chat about the project.

And, the video the Seattle Art Museum made on the project is out!

Gala at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

Just want to give a shout out to some amazing people and share a fun project we did for ‘Set the Table for SAM’, the Seattle Art Museum’s gala event. It ended up being an delightful collaboration with some truly talented people (all listed below). We made a 20 seat custom table where all the guests become pollinators (with a custom printed tablecloth that you tie around your neck to become a ‘pollinator outfit’). Here’s a photo, by photographer Monique Cheung. It was a fun evening!
The wonderful folks behind it all:
Design and really, everything: Kristine Matthews, Cassie Klingler, Kinsey Gross, and Eunice Lee at  Studio Matthews
Custom tablecloth (and table delivery!): Piano Nobile
Hand built custom table with trough for plants: Jake Labarre (at Miller Hull Architects) and Nicole Abercrombie (at JAS Design Build)
Flowers: Kaylene Faucette
Bug eyes: Adam Mcnae

Volunteer opportunity: Saturdays on the Pollinator Pathway

Want to help garden on the project? This summer, join me on Saturdays in gardening at the Pollinator Pathway.

I’ll be at the Olympic Sculpture Park from 11-12, and then will go the Pollinator Pathway to garden from 12 – 3. Please feel free to join in- no experience necessary! Drop me an email, or just show up (typically I’m at 25th-27th and Columbia).

You can also always become a ‘garden adopter’ – just drop me a note.


'Portal to the Pollinator Pathway' at the Olympic Sculpture Park


I’m very excited to share that the Pollinator Pathway will be featured at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park starting this week. The project, ‘Portal to the Pollinator Pathway’ is a glimpse into the much larger project, the Pollinator Pathway, that I’ve now been working on for four years. Couldn’t be prouder.

This project would be bare dirt but for the amazing people who have collaborated to make it happen. The past two weeks have been no exception– huge props to Studio Matthews (Kristine Matthews, Cassie Klingler, Kaylene Faucette, Kinsey Gross, Adam McNae, Eunice Lee), Isabelle and Nick Robertson of Piano Nobile, and Jake Labarre and Nicole Abercrombie, for making everything gorgeous and possible.