June update!

Thanks to those of you who’ve emailed asking- our party at Corson Building is postponed until Fall. We’ll post the dates soon- almost surely Sept 25th, but we’re still wrangling some last things.

In other news: it is Pollinator Week! Celebrate by planting a plant native to your region in your garden, supporting organic food, or laying off the pesticides.

In even more (exciting) news, we’re going to be down at Whole Foods this weekend! Stop by, say hello– and thanks for the love, Whole Foods!

And, we’ve signed up the first three ‘garden adopters’– volunteers who each care for a garden along the Pollinator Pathway. We’re looking for a few more, so if you are a gardener and would like to adopt one, let us know!

The gardens are looking lovely- far more blooms and pollinators than expected in this first month!