It was amazing! Thank you!

The Pollinator Pathway work party was a total success! 100 volunteers turned out, and we sheet mulched 8 new beds! (These will lie fallow for 6 months, in preparation for planting next year.) Thank you so much to all who came out, and an extra thanks to Seattle University’s Grounds Department (for support all the way through this project, with special props to Shannon, for her ongoing help, and Janice and George, who brought a Bobcat and other much-needed tools), Feet First’s Lisa Quinn for last minute meetings (in dark alleys no less), Studio Matthews for the gorgeous design elements of this project, Robin Ginac for her garden designs, the amazing coordinators who came out early and led the work, City People’s Merchandise and Cedar Grove Composting, who gave us discounts on our purchases, and Cleanscapes, who donated an entire bin of cardboard for sheet mulching. We couldn’t have done it without you. You can see an entire set on flickr: