What- February already? The garden designer Robin Ginac and I are working away on refining the designs for the next eight plots. Next I’ll be calling around to the nurseries to ensure we will have enough plants. I’m super proud of all the work that has gone into the plant lists and am eager to see what it is all going to look like once the plants are in the ground. Being patient with how the garden looks is always hard for me- I want it to look amazing right away, when in fact, we’re designing for how it will look several years down the road.

We’re looking at doing the next big planting days either the first or second weekend in May! I’ll keep you all posted as we firm up the plans. Last year tons of people come out to help.. it was so much fun, and I hope you’ll join us this year. As always, you can join the mailing list to hear about planting dates-at mailinglist@pollinatorpathway.com.

Here’s one of my favorite things- a floral clock, first proposed by Linnaeus; designed so that each flower’s petal opening is matched by each passing hour..