Fall News

The Pollinator Pathway has had a busy spring and summer, and we have some news:
-We are excited to share that Sarah Bergmann will be speaking at TEDx next month about the project. http://www.tedxrainier.com/speakers/sarah-bergmann/
-Olson Kundig Architects collaborated with Sarah Bergmann last month, putting their creative force behind imagining solutions for a section of the second project. The designs, ranging from impossible to practical, will be curated into the enormous visual book that will accompany this project. Some photos from the session: http://on.fb.me/1vDZszZ
-Lectures and work days: Bergmann had the pleasure of working with both Seattle University (art history) and the Aldo Leopold Foundation (ecology) via lectures and work on the Pollinator Pathway, in what has become a growing work-and-learn lecture series on the project.
-We have had a wonderful anonymous monthly contribution that has helped our Gardener care for the project. Thank you! To help keep this public design project beautiful for the year 2015, you can donate here:
Direct financial donations can be made here:
Here is where to pledge time, future funding or materials: