Bergmann and Capitol Hill Housing Partnering on Second Pollinator Pathway

Bergmann is excited to announce a new partnership with Capitol Hill Housing to make a brand new, second official Pollinator Pathway– as well as complete the first. Seattle University is also a partner on the project– and UW’s Green Futures Research and Design Lab will be engaged with the pre-visioning process.

The first ‘rule’ of The Pollinator Pathway is that it has to connect two green spaces– and this plan may well connect three. We’re still developing the route for Pollinator Pathway Two, but the aim is to connect Seattle University’s campus to Volunteer Park, running along 11th Avenue, where it’ll go right through the Capitol Hill Eco District and the emerging Arts District.

Bergmann’s vision for the Pollinator Pathway is to rebind and strengthen isolated green spaces across multiple scales and landscape types to achieve lasting, networked habitat. The Pollinator Pathway concept is simple but the important work is in the details– it is a team effort that requires strong collaborative partnerships and long-term planning. A longstanding community development organization like Capitol Hill Housing is a natural partner for the expansion of the project, especially within the context of an EcoDistrict.

Here’s some recent coverage of the project: