Active Projects

Active Projects

The Pollinator Pathway is currently in the pilot phase on several projects, as we continue to research and develop strategies to expand the Pollinator Pathway for multiple landscape scenarios.

The First Pollinator Pathway

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, Washington, the original Pollinator Pathway is a mile long, 12 foot wide corridor of native plant focused, pollinator friendly gardens that inhabit the planting strips in front of homes. There are 60 sites in the project and the project is approximately one third complete. We are now exploring a partnership with Capitol Hill EcoDistrict and SDOT to establish a long-term stewardship strategy for this project.

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The Second Official Pollinator Pathway:
Capitol Hill EcoDistrict

We are now developing a partnership with Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, to research and develop a second Pollinator Pathway. The second Pollinator Pathway will run north to south through the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It will connect the north part of Seattle University’s campus to the next park, and apply lessons learned in the first Pollinator Pathway to a denser urban environment.
Eco-District Project