Gala at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

Just want to give a shout out to some amazing people and share a fun project we did for ‘Set the Table for SAM’, the Seattle Art Museum’s gala event. It ended up being an delightful collaboration with some truly talented people (all listed below). We made a 20 seat custom table where all the guests become pollinators (with a custom printed tablecloth that you tie around your neck to become a ‘pollinator outfit’). Here’s a photo, by photographer Monique Cheung. It was a fun evening!
The wonderful folks behind it all:
Design and really, everything: Kristine Matthews, Cassie Klingler, Kinsey Gross, and Eunice Lee at  Studio Matthews
Custom tablecloth (and table delivery!): Piano Nobile
Hand built custom table with trough for plants: Jake Labarre (at Miller Hull Architects) and Nicole Abercrombie (at JAS Design Build)
Flowers: Kaylene Faucette
Bug eyes: Adam Mcnae